Travel Connections

Manage your tours, register travelers, and collect payments with our Travel Connections website. The usage of this website is an added service provided to group leaders scheduled to travel with, and group members considering traveling with Legacy Tour & Travel.

Manage and promote tours

We’ve built a powerful tour networking website to let you, the group leader, easily manage and promote your tours.

Staff at Legacy Tour & Travel will help you set up your own custom tour promotional page on, and show you how to easily and effectively gather your group and manage your tour online.

Register travelers

With Travel Connections, group members can see tour details — including tour photos, announcements, and more. Upon deciding to join your tour, they can easily register online. As group leader, you will have access to a list of those members of your group who have registered.

Collect payments

Your group can opt to have Legacy Tour & Travel accept individual payments online through Travel Connections. This provides convenient account management for your travelers, and keeps you from spending time collecting and delivering checks.